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In just 10 years product development timelines have decreased an order of magnitude. This decrease is the direct result of major improvements to machining and manufacturing technologies. Machining is the removal of material from an object or part. Over the years, machining has progresses from manual mills and lathes, to computer aided design ( CAD ) and computer aided machining ( CAM ) based computer controlled machines that allow you to upload a technical drawing and have the part cut with near perfect precision and accuracy every time. Some ancient techniques of molding and casting have recently been replaced with 3D printing technologies that allow you to make parts that were previously impossible to manufacture, in a much shorter time period, with a much smaller capital investment. Any do It yourselfer, tinkerer, master machinist, or design engineer will enjoy exploring the custom manufacturing and machining information offered by The Manufacturing Cortex.

About Industry Cortex

Who uses Industry Cortex?

Industry Cortex is built for individuals, businesses, and organizations across every sector of the manufacturing industry. If you need information about products, services, companies, certifications, industry groups, or anything else industrial, then Industry Cortex is for you.

How does Industry Cortex work?

Industry Cortex works like other major search engines, but is focussed specifically on the manufacturing industry. We gather information from relevant industrial websites and from users that submit content directly. Our system is constantly expanding and updating available data to provide relevant and complete information about every sector of the maunfacturing industry.

What information is searchable?

Industry Cortex gathers information from companies, organizations, and government agencies serving the manufacturing industry. This includes suppliers, manufacturers, OEMs, distributers, industry trade groups, and professional societies. Currently we have searchable indexes of industrial companies, products, datasheets, webpages, and a visual product search

Who operates Industry Cortex?

Industry Cortex was built by, and is managed by, a team of manufacturing experts -- engineers, designers, purchasers, and salespeople -- to help you with every research, design, and manufacturing need.

How do I add my information or company?

The requirements and qualifications to be added to Industry Cortex are rigorous. Contact Us with any inquiries.