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Adhesives Tapes and Sealing

3M isn't the only company that makes tape. There are hundreds of other manufacturers and suppliers of liquids, gels, films, and putties that have specifically engineered products for every adhesion application imaginable. Whether you are working to find a low temperature adhesive for the next Mars Rover, trying to plug a whole in your sinking boat with five minute epoxy, or just trying to find a chemical that will stick to something that nothing else will, look no further than The Adhesive Cortex.

Automation Systems and Components

Do you ever wonder where your bags go after you drop them off at the airport? At all major airports, elaborate conveyor belt systems automatically move your luggage around to the right loading areas. This process is the result of well designed automation systems. Both small and large companies setting up all sorts of systems can explore The Automation Cortex to find expert suppliers and precision components needed for their own systems.

Board Level Electronic Components and Accessories

A lot has changed from the days of vacuum tube electronic circuits in the 1950's. Today's transistors are smaller than a spec of dust and there are millions inside of your phone. Everything that is involved with designing and manufacturing a Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ), can be found inside The Board Cortex.

Chemicals and Labware

Chemicals are any pure substance that is derived from inorganic materials. These chemical substances can be found and bought as solids, liquids, gases, and even plasmas. Labware is used to store, handle, combine, and dispose of chemical substances. It is typically made of glass and other inert materials. Whether you are a PhD research student, an engineer, a teacher, or a middle school chemistry student, you can search The Chemical Cortex for all of your chemical substance and labware needs.

Computers and Software

A computer is a machine that can be programmed to do specific tasks. This programming is conveyed to the computer via software. While only roughly 120 Computer System Manufacturers exist globally, the customization of these computers and software programs constitutes a rapidly expanding set of companies. The Computer Cortex has information about things like computer system components, custom computer housings, and process automation software for engineers, IT Managers, students building their first computer, and everything in between.

Custom Machining and Manufacturing

In just 10 years product development timelines have decreased an order of magnitude. This decrease is the direct result of major improvements to machining and manufacturing technologies. Machining is the removal of material from an object or part. Over the years, machining has progresses from manual mills and lathes, to computer aided design ( CAD ) and computer aided machining ( CAM ) based computer controlled machines that allow you to upload a technical drawing and have the part cut with near perfect precision and accuracy every time. Some ancient techniques of molding and casting have recently been replaced with 3D printing technologies that allow you to make parts that were previously impossible to manufacture, in a much shorter time period, with a much smaller capital investment. Any do It yourselfer, tinkerer, master machinist, or design engineer will enjoy exploring the custom manufacturing and machining information offered by The Manufacturing Cortex.

Electronics and Electronic Devices

Did you know that the Consumer Electronics industry generated $186 Billion in revenue in 2010? Anything that delivers or receives electrical power is an electronic device. Everything from a small AC electric motor to the custom cable harness used to power it in manufacturing equipment can be found in this category. If you are working on building something that uses power from a plug or a battery, you can find information and suppliers here at The Electronics Cortex.

Facilities Equipment and Components

It's amazing how commoditized complex things like Lithium Ion Batteries and Light Emitting Diodes ( LED ) have become. As costs of manufacturing decrease due to improved manufacturing processes, so do the costs of the everyday things that you need around your house, office, or manufacturing plant. Inside of The Facilities Cortex, you will find everything from air conditioners to urinals, and from dust collection systems to industrial power systems.

Fluid Control and Components

The Romans have been praised for millennia for delivering water to dry land using massive aqueducts. Nowadays, we have specialized systems for controlling any sort of substance acting like a fluid ( liquids and gasses ). Engineers moving fluids around a power plant, HVAC technicians working on a high rise office building and mechanics using air powered tools in their shops will all find their fluid control components and suppliers in The Fluid Control Cortex.

Hardware and Fasteners

The Boeing 747 has over six million parts, more than half of which are fasteners. That's a lot of nuts and bolts!! Hardware is typically thought of as items that can be held in your hand. We extend this classification out to all sorts of mechanical components ranging from carburetors to magnets. Every tinkerer knows that they need a way of putting together their mechanical masterpiece. That's why car mechanics, construction workers, and rocket propulsion engineers can all find what they need in The Hardware Cortex, your best place to find quality fastening products and suppliers.

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

All sorts of fluids are used everyday to perform mechanical operations. Examples of this are raising of a dump truck bucket and the air brakes on that same truck. The difference between the two is the state of the fluid being used to perform these mechanical tasks. Hydraulic operations are those that use a fluid in liquid state. Pneumatic operations are the ones that use a fluid in gas phase. Engineers from CATERPILLAR, working on the next generation construction machine aren't the only ones that can use The Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cortex to find suppliers. You can too.

Imaging and Sensing

Technologies in current Electron Microscopes allows us to see down to one trillionth of a meter ( one millionth of a millimeter ). Not all optics are used for microscopes, though. The way that the Post Office processes billions of letters a year and gets them to right zip code is a result of how awesome today's imaging and sensing technology is. The Optical Cortex helps parents find a beginner microscope for their child, process engineers orient products on a production line, and professors equip their labs with the cutting edge technology for their researchers.

Machining Equipment and Tools

Every machine shop, large or small, spends money on machining equipment, cutting tools, work holders, and lubricants. Whether you are starting a mini machine shop in your garage or expanding your custom CNC machining shop, we can help you find the equipment and tools you need to streamline your machining processes at the right price. Check out The Machining Equipment Cortex for all your information needs.

Manufacturing and Construction Equipment

Having a garage filled with all the tools needed to build a house and finish everything inside is many a man's dream come true. Much of this same equipment is used on manufacturing floors and in the construction of massive high rise buildings around the world. Whether you need an air powered torque wrench to restore that old car or a new sanding drum to replace the one that just died on your manufacturing floor, look no further than The Construction Cortex.

Materials Raw and Finished

As of March 2012, gold prices were just shy of $1,800 per oz, and some rare materials cost orders of magnitude more. These materials can be hard to discover and difficult to procure. That's where The Material Cortex comes in. We can help anyone looking for raw materials quickly identify numerous options and suppliers.

Mechanical Components

Practically everything under the hood of your car used to be mechanical. Now many systems are electromechanical. All this means, is that mechanical systems are controlled by electronic signals. Most of those little mechanical systems are designed by Tier 2 and Tier 3 automotive suppliers and then incorporated by the Tier 1 manufacturers of the suspension system or drivetrain. These same mechanical components are also used in many applications outside of the automotive industry. Whether you are a do it yourselfer or are working in industries like Aerospace, Automotive, or Consumer Electronics, you will find The Mechanical Cortex the best source for suppliers and parts for everything from chains and pulleys to solenoids and motors.

Medical Devices and Accessories

Hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, medical device manufacturers, and everyone who has ever used a medical device ( including crutches, walkers and wheel chairs ), will appreciate The Medical Device Cortex. Anyone can do research for a medical device design or find alternatives to medical devices currently being used. The medical device manufacturing industry continues to grow worldwide and The Medical Device Cortex lets you stay up to date on new designs and manufacturers of quality medical devices.

Packaging and Material Handling

Many people don't consider packaging an art or a science, but it's both. How products are sealed inside blister packaging and how custom cardboard boxes are automatically assembled can be a technically intensive process. Amazon's ability to automatically pull a product from it's warehouse, put it into a box, and attach the right shipping label is a major reason why many small businesses use Amazon as their drop shipper. While many companies will never have this fully automated packaging system, they can work at making it better by reaching out to expert packaging and material handling suppliers on The Packaging Cortex.

Safety Equipment and Components

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) and many others groups like it make it an absolute necessity that each and every business with potentially dangerous processes and equipment take precautions to prevent injuries at the workplace. Rules are put in place to make sure that workers remain healthy and productive even in the most complex manufacturing situations using products like safety goggles, two handed safety switches, and laser safety curtains. Products like these and their suppliers can be found in The Safety Cortex.

Services and Consulting

Not every company in our database sells a product. These other companies can help you market, advertise, design, export, and much more. Small companies often don't have the capacity or need to hire a full time employee for many of these tasks, so they hire another company to outsource some efforts. Stop wasting your time on things that are not directly related to growing your business by outsourcing your weaknesses to a company in The Consulting Cortex.

Test and Measurement

Quality assurance does not just happen on the final product. A good manufacturer tests products throughout the manufacturing and assembly processes. Do yourself a favor and invest in quality test and measurement equipment to ensure that your products function as desired and meet your customers' required specifications. You can find products like coordinate measuring machines ( CMMs ) and mass spectrometers as well as their suppliers on The Test & Measurement Cortex.

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