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SOFTCEL Polyol U-1000

Polyether Polyol

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Softcel U-1000 Polyol is a low molecular weight polyol. It may be used with other slabstock performance polyols from Bayer to produce Softcel V foams, which are characterized by their slow recovery and high damping characteristics.


Typical Properties

Property Specific Gravity at 25 C Bulk Density at 77 F, lb/gal Viscosity at 25 C, cps Flash Point, PMCC, C Appearance Value 1.02 8.49 200 276 Clear, viscous liquid

Softcel Polyol U-1000 is typically used with Ultracel 3000 (U-3000) Polyol or Arcol HS-100 Polymer Polyol to produce Softcel V foams. When properly formulated, these foams exhibit slow yet complete recovery from deformation, low resilience, high vibration damping and body conforming characteristics, which may make them useful in a variety of applications including mattresses and mattress pads, pillows, furniture, wheelchairs, sports equipment, acoustical panels, gasketing and automotive

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