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Guerin C. Goldsmith High quality, reliable video teleconferencing (VTC) is essential for conducting the business functions of many enterprises and government agencies. Circuit-switched connections using Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) have provided, and continue to provide, network transport necessary for VTC applications, but several limitations exist in using circuit-switched services, such as their cost and sometimes poor service reliability. Fortunately, recent advances in VTC technology have significantly improved VTC capabilities through reduction in size, operational complexity, and cost of the VTC equipment. Additionally, the ability to conduct quality VTC over Internet Protocol (IP) networks is now available. As a consequence of these developments, individuals are increasingly conducting VTC over the Internet or Enterprise IP networks. For those individuals thinking about incorporating VTC into their business enterprise, this paper highlights important aspects of VTC technology and operation to consider. The paper begins by reviewing some background of VTC. It highlights recent advances in VTC technology/products and discusses network transport options and design issues, such as methods to achieve an acceptable Quality of Service (QoS) and transmission security. The paper goes on to review the standards, current and emerging, that interface VTC equipment with networks. It describes features available in modern VTC equipment, for both the end location and for bridging via the multipoint control unit (MCU), as well as reviews pricing trends for equipment and network services. Finally, the paper examines the anticipated growth in VTC usage....


Video teleconferencing (VTC) has proven to be very useful in the conduct of business. The virtual face-to-face meetings possible using the technology foster cooperation and collaboration among individuals and groups, thereby leading to increased efficiencies in formulating ideas and developing products. VTC is also growing at a substantial rate for training. The market for delivering educational material over long distances is growing 20 to 25 percent annually. Four billion dollars was spent last year on long distance learning, including video teleconferencing. 1 Although estimates can vary based on the definition of markets by research firms, one estimate from Wainhouse Research indicates that the VTC market, in general, will grow 22 percent a year...

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