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CAT. NO. 702


The Dolby Cat. No. 702 Digital Soundhead is a penthouse-type reader that bolts directly to many current and older projectors, enabling playback of Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Surround EXTM soundtracks. With benefits that include high sound quality, onDesigned for high performance and long-term durability, the Cat. No. 702 is a reference standard for Dolby Digital soundtrack reproduction. To read the Dolby Digital track on 35 mm Dolby Digital release prints, the Cat. No. 702 uses a newly designed, more efficient CCD board and lens, an LED level indicator and adjustment, an integral power supply that requires no AC connection, and the latest in LED technology. The resulting signal is fed to the cinema's Dolby Digital processor or decoder. film soundtrack placement, and ease of print manufacture, Dolby Digital is the standard for multichannel sound around the world. The Cat. No. 702 soundhead facilitates upgrading cinema systems to take full advan

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