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Permanent Magnet Generator . . . ensures 300% short circuit current during fault

A tropical insulation is added for increased environmental protection. A vacuum pressure impregnated insulation system is an available option.

conditions and provides the regulator with input power isolated from load distortions.

Unirotor Construction . . . incorporates single piece rotor laminations, a die cast rotor core and ammortiseur windings into an integrated rotor assembly. The field winding is wet layer wound to the rotor assembly with thermo setting epoxy for high mechanical and electrical integrity.

Shielded Heavy-Duty Bearings . . . resist contamination and give a minimum B-10 life of 40,000 hours. Regreasing provisions are available on all generators.

Enhanced Ventilation . . . created by a high efficiency fan and optimized internal air flow patterns, maximizes heat transfer and

Digital Voltage Regulator . . . is encapsulated for reliable performance in all environments. The DVR 2000E i

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