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Abrasive a substance used for abrading, grinding, polishing, lapping, such as the natural materials Emery, Garnet, Flint, and Crocus, and the manufactured or electric furnace materials Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, and Alumina Zirconia. One of the three essential components of a coated abrasive product (backing, adhesive, abrasive grain). Abrasive Planing rough sanding of glued-up wood panels or lumber prior to intermediate sanding or the application of overlays. Alloy a mixture, solid solution or combination of two or more metals (i.e. brass is an alloy of copper and zinc) a substance obtained by the mixture or combinations of a metal and a nonmetal a baser metal combined with a finer one. Alumen an alloy 88% aluminum, 10% zinc, and 2% copper which can be forged and machined. It is heavier than aluminum and very strong. Alumina another name for Aluminum Oxide. Alumina Zirconia a high-performance alloyed abrasive formed by zirconia deposited in an alumina matrix. An alloy of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide. Designed for heavy duty stock removal for metal and wood, with self-sharpening characteristic. Belts are normally blue in color. Aluminum Oxide an abrasive made by fusing the mineral bauxite. A very strong and tough abrasive. The most commonly used abrasive for wood and metal. Normally brown or reddish-brown in color. Angle Iron a rolled-steel member, L-shaped in section. Anneal to heat a metal piece to its critical temperature and then allow it to cool slowly, thus reducing brittleness and increasing ductility. Anodizing a finishing treatment on aluminum metal, similar to plating, which makes the surface of the metal tougher and also used for decorative coloring an electrical process in a chromic-acid solution which deposits a hard surface film of aluminum oxide on aluminum parts. It serves as an excellent base for paint. Antistatic special coated abrasives for woodworking which reduce static electricity buildup and allows sanding dust to be better collected by the dust control system. Arbor the spindle of the grinding or sanding machine on which the contact wheel, idler puley, or flapwheel is mounted a shaft, mandrel, spindle or axle on a milling machine the cutter is often mounted on an arbor on a lathe the work is sometimes mounted on an arbor. Arbor Hole the hole in the contact wheel or idler pulley sized to fit the machine arbor. Arc of Contact on a contact wheel, that p...

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