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Introduction GE10 GE10-1 GE10-2 MS5001 MS5002C-D MS5002E MS6001B/MS7001EA/MS9001E PGT16 PGT25 PGT25+ PGT25+G4 LM6000 LMS100 Main Components 18 Heavy Duty Axial Compressor 19 First Stage Heavy Duty Turbine Nozzles 19 Buckets and Heavy Duty Turbine Wheels Gas Turbine Operability LNG, Exploration and Production, Floating Production Units Pipeline Transportation Refinery and Petrochemicals Test Facilities Service Training Gas Turbine Data Sheet

GE Gas Turbines

GE manufactures a complete line of gas turbines for all major Oil & Gas Industry applications. They are installed in natural gas plants, gas compression stations, oil booster stations, petrochemical plants and power generation and cogeneration plants worldwide. GE's Oil & Gas business has long-standing experience in manufacturing gas turbines dating back to 1961 when a manufacturing agreement was established with GE (U.S.A.)

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GE Energy works in all areas of the water, oil & gas, and energy industry including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear energy, and wind & solar renewables.


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