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From 1930 to 1949, the American economy underwent drastic change, overhaul, renewal, and expansion. After the Depression brought devastation to the economy, the

United States Government, in order to help stimulate a work on the country's infrastructure. en, World War

recovery, initiated the New Deal which created extensive II brought the challenge of a wartime economy. ough

demand was high, production of goods and services shifted, along with personnel, toward national interests other than consumerism. Irwin & Leighton managed to weather the storm of

the Depression years by working for the Government

and other established customers. During that period, it built retail stores and telephone buildings, expanded much-needed medical facilities and helped to strengthen the company became very active with the industrial sector and military projects.

enterprise in "tough times." As World War II approached,

CAMP RODMAN Aberdeen Proving Ground, which includes Camp Rodman, is the Army's ol

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Primary business region served by IRWIN & LEIGHTON, INC.

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