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Installation for the Trailair Center Point suspension system is straight forward and requires replacing the equalizer in the standard tandem(2) axle suspension system. Trailair strongly recommends the use of shock absorbers in conjuction with Center Point but they are notrequired. Trailair does not supply shock absorbers because Center Point is not designed structurally to handle shock absorber mountings.If the coach is not equipped with shock absorbers, please refer to the trailer manufacturer for information on shock absorbers and/or themountings available for the particular trailer. 1. The first step is to check for fit up and take reference measurements. Please see the EQUALIZER / HANGER FITUP ILLUSTRATION which depicts a standard center hanger, equalizer (also referred too as a "rocker") with spring shackles and the Trailair Center Point Installation Check Template. Utilize the illustration and a Check Template (CP 100001) to determine if adequate clearance is available under the coach and which length shackles are required during installation. Make sure you catalog the "S" dimension measurement for reference in section 9. 2. For a standard installation, your coach must also come equipped with the standard center hanger shape. The hanger may vary in dimension but it must be sized for a 1 3/4" leaf spring width, be at least 2.5" from the equalizer hole to the top of the hanger and be 3" wide or wider. Please refer to the EQUALIZER / HANGER FIT-UP ILLUSTRATION for minimum hanger dimensions. If your coach is not equipped with this style hanger, you may be able to do a non-standard installation (See section 8) or you may have to remove the old hanger from the frame and install the standard center hanger, which can be acquired from Trailair. 3. After safely raising the coach to a level that insures the tires are off the ground, properly position stands to support the coach. WARNING improper raising or lowering of the coach could result in damage to the coach, injury or death. Insure that any points of contact for the stands do not result in damage to any panels or lines under the coach. 4. Remove the tires and wheels from the coach. The suspension should be free from any loads, except it's own weight at this point. Place another set of jack stands under the axles, very close to the u-bolt plates. This will provide support to the axles and insure that they do not swing down during disassemb...

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