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Hand Held Portable Radio, datasheets, manuals, linecards, case studies, & pdfs

Land Mobile radio System Training And Design Guide (pdf)


... of 0.8 MHz. On the other hand, conditions at your site (frequencies ... , reliable equipment, maintenance can be held to a minimum. In fact, most ... system and a radio system. Portable Radio A completely self-contained two-way radio. Propagation The ...

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Product Data: hand - held Sound Intensity System Type 2260e And Type 3595


... for single-hand operation together with handle. 2260 Investigator - Hand-held Sound ... Part 2 Industrial environment. CISPR 22 Radio disturbance characteristics of information ... software Noise Source Identification software Portable Printer 9-pin to 25- ...

Soldier portable Control Solutions Brochure


... ) and Human Factors Engineering to hand-held controls for the dismounted soldier ... Edge Controller - the most advanced portable control system in development integrating ... operating system Integrated radio Wireless Li ion battery Radio interface ready Open ...

Fischer Technology hand held Coating Thickness Gauges


... metals. Use of these portable, light-weight hand-held instruments has steadily increased ... evaluation and radio transmission. ISOSCOPE MP10E, DELTASCOPE MP10E. Cost-effective hand-held instruments ... and documentation Radio receiver Printer 3 System FISCHER Family of Instruments Hand-held instruments ...

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Supplement B To Oet Bulletin 65, Additional Information For Amateur radio Stations


... . Also, stations using mobile and portable (hand-held) transmitters (as defined by the ... by amateurs operators and inexpensive hand-held field strength meters do not ... vehicular mobile or hand-held amateur radio setups. However, amateur radio operators should be ...

radio Guide Magazine Review By Dennis Baldridge(cpbe, Amd, Cbnt)


... good test equipment. From basic hand-held tools to digital multi-meters ... AM NRSC mask and HD radio masks for both AM & FM ... dBm. The unit is compact, portable, and has easy to use ... info@7db.net Page 30 Radio Guide July/August 2008

Tidalguard Sp (hand - held Capnograph / Pulse Oximeter)


... an optional accessory onto which hand-held monitors can be placed, providing ... battery charging when connected to hand-held monitors. This connector meets the ... . Warnings The use of portable and mobile radio frequency (RF) communications equipment ...

New Land Mobile radio Test Systems Brochure


... portable radio test set The Aeroflex 3500 combines many features of a benchtop radio ... life, the 3500 is truly a portable radio test set that the test ... precision microwave power measurements in a hand-held battery-powered package. A wide range ...

Unity portable radio (.pdf)


... Portable Full-Spectrum Multiband The Unity XG-100P is the only portable radio ... covers all portable land mobile radio frequency bands in a single radio VHF band ... for hand-held operation Large knobs and a configurable top display provide instantaneous radio ...

radio Remote Controls Www.yptius.com - 4 - Index Remote Controls Yrc400, radio...


... pushbutton technology design principle. The hand-held series has large distinct push ... hand-held unit and can be easily changed by the operator. The radio ... remote controlled). PORTABLE CONTROLLER UNIT (to remote control) PORTABLE CONTROLLER UNIT (to ...

Fisher Cw - 10 hand - held Security Metal Detector Manual


... using in conjunction with Fisher's Portable Walk Through Metal Detector the ... , may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no ... @fisherlab.com www.fisherlab.com Hand-Held Concealed Weapons Detector FRL8730003000 042409 ...

Acs 988 Universal radio Adapter - Interface With Any Audio Panel


... ACS 988 Portable Radio Adapter Features and Physical Specifications (Universal Radio Adapter - interface ... to LPH/EPH Series Radio) The ACS 988-1 Portable Radio Adapter provides a quick ... Radio (Bendix/King) LPH/EPH series portable radio to the aircraft AUX radio connector ... -1A can be held in the palm of the hand, quick mounted ...

Keltron 10r7041 hand - held Programmer


... Keltron 10R7041 Hand-Held Programmer Efficient Accurate Convenient The Keltron 10R7041 hand-held ... process. How it works This portable programmer enables the system ... Ethernet signaling systems, active network radio systems, distributed multiplex systems, ...

Aeroflex Announces Advanced Field Tests With The hand - held 3500 Test Set


... software for the 3500 1 GHz Hand-Held Radio Test Set to support Survey ... GPS is not available. The hand-held capability of the 3500, along ... signal strength and provides a very portable, handheld solution for mapping signal ... ideal for anyone that needs portable signal strength tests," says Rob ...

Cim - Irp hand - held Ani Programmer


... Corporation. Page 2 MODEL CIM-IRP Hand-Held ANI Programmer 2005 Cimarron Technologies ... 's particular needs. The Cimarron Technologies hand-held portable programmer (CIM-IRP) accomplishes the ... to ensure reliable decoding. Radio Interface The Radio Interface section handles parameters ...